SEAFiT Barometer Survey 2023

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2023 SEAFiT Barometer Survey: Which are the key wellness factors for the maritime industry?

Analyses have shown that happy and healthy people are more likely to be productive and motivated. When we prioritize our own wellness, we are better equipped to fully engage in our relationships with others. Ultimately, taking care of our wellness can lead to a higher quality of life overall, enjoy life to the fullest and pursue our goals and passions with greater ease and enthusiasm.

Focus has been shed on finding ways to address the five key aspects of wellness: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual. In that regard, industry stakeholders need to keep promoting efforts targeting at all aspects of wellness for people onboard and ashore, supporting a strategy that puts individuals’ needs and happiness at the center.

In this context, SAFETY4SEA is pleased to launch the ‘SEAFiT Barometer Survey’, a wide-industry survey which will run within Q3/Q4 of 2023 with the aim to present key maritime stakeholders’ opinion around wellness by examining the important factors that can lead to positive choices and a sense of fulfillment physically, psychologically, socially, occupationally and spiritually.

The results will provide a picture of how maritime organizations respond to wellness, which is a multidimensional and holistic process, and how they encourage individuals to opt for healthy choices that can promote their success and wellbeing.

Acknowledging that your opinion matters, we would highly appreciate your less than 5-minute feedback in our SEAFiT Barometer Survey.


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