Stay SEAFiT and embrace a new wellbeing mindset 

Sign the SAFETY4SEA Petition:
Why not consider Internet Connectivity an equally important seafarers’ need?

Internet connectivity is a necessary pathway to wellness at sea, as revealed by the 2023 SEAFiT Crew Survey. As a follow up on this key finding, SAFETY4SEA has been asked by several stakeholders and participants to test the waters, moving forward seeking ways to effect change in way of making internet connectivity of adequate quality and bandwidth a prerequisite mandatory provision for seafarers onboard ships. In that regard, we are pleased to announce the launch of the SAFETY4SEA petition asking industry stakeholders to join our cause for free Internet at sea!

We encourage all stakeholders and seafarers to sign the petition and join the conversation on social media, using the #Sign4FreeInternetOnboard. We feel that the following two (2) statements should be examined:

  • Should we consider Internet Connectivity an equally important basic seafarer need, at least equally important with Food and Drinking Water?
  • Should we request a regulatory change so that seafarers should be provided with internet connectivity – free of charge during the period of engagement- of appropriate quality and bandwidth that adequately covers the requirements of the ship and takes into account the differing needs and cultural backgrounds?

2024 SEAFiT Crew Survey: What are the key trends of well-being at sea?

In recent years, the maritime industry has shifted its attention towards enhancing wellness, recognizing it as a multifaceted and holistic process. The sector acknowledges that fostering welfare & well-being among individuals can only bring benefits to people onboard, enhancing their productivity and motivation.

There are many factors that can improve the quality of life onboard and ensure a happier crew. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the SEAFiT Crew Survey (including Wellness & Well-being elements) as an industry initiative to identify trends, provide feedback to all industry stakeholders and provide a roadmap for embracing a new well-being mindset on an organizational and industry level.

The survey is scheduled to run within Q2 & Q3 of 2024, with preliminary results being released on an ongoing basis and final reports later within the year. This will be our 4th survey on crew welfare as we have had similar initiatives conducted during 2019, 2021 and 2023.

With the 2024 survey, we aim to assess life and work onboard with the SEAFiT Index, a crew welfare index that provides a picture of how welfare issues are perceived and implemented onboard. Furthermore, the survey aims to address key aspects of the physical, mental and social well-being and assist maritime stakeholders in setting priorities around these topics.

The survey is anonymous and is conducted via an online questionnaire requiring less than ten minutes to complete by seafarers sailing with the ships and those currently ashore.